Availability and Rates

Covid-19 Update.

During the current pandemic we are taking a very cautious approach, maintaining an empty week in the cottage between bookings so our cleaner can come in mid-week, and the cottage will have remained empty for a further four days before guests check-in.  These empty weeks are marked as N/A in the weekly rate column of the calendar.

If you wish to make a booking of 2 weeks or longer then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate, subject to still being able to keep an empty week between bookings.

Because we’re leaving these gaps, and because of the increased cleaning and anti-viral fogging costs, we are not currently taking bookings for short breaks.

For 2021 & 2022, all bookings run from Saturday to Saturday.

To make an enquiry or booking, please contact us

Week Commencing                     Weekly Rate

2nd October                                   BOOKED

9th October                                          N/A

16th October                                   BOOKED

23rd October                                   BOOKED

30th October                                     N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

6th November                                    £420

13th November                                  N/A

20th November                                 £330

27th November                                  N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

4th December                                    £295

11th December                                  N/A

22nd-29th December                     BOOKED

29th Dec – 5th Jan                          BOOKED

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

15th January                                     £315

22nd January                                    N/A

29th January                                     £315

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

5th February                                    N/A

12th February                                   £315

19th February                                   N/A

26th February                                   N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

5th March                                         £315

12th March                                       N/A

19th March                                       £330

26th March                                       N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

2nd April                                         Booked

9th April                                            N/A

16th April                                         £500

23rd April                                          N/A

30th April                                         £500

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

7th May                                           N/A

14th May                                      BOOKED

21st May                                          N/A

28th May                                        £500

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

4th June                                           N/A

11th June                                    BOOKED

18th June                                        N/A

25th June                                    BOOKED

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

2nd July                                            N/A

9th July                                          BOOKED

16th July                                            N/A

23rd July                                          £690

30th July                                            N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

6th August                                      £690

13th August                                     N/A

20th August                                     £690

27th August                                      N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

3rd September                                 £550

10th September                                 N/A

17th September                               £500

24th September                                 N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

1st October                                       £450

8th October                                        N/A

15th October                                      N/A

22nd October                                    £500

29th October                                       N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

5th November                                   £420

12th November                                 N/A

19th November                                 £330

26th November                                   N/A

Week Commencing                   Weekly Rate

3rd December                                   £295

10th December                                   N/A

Christmas week (flexible start)          £580

New Year week (flexible start)           £550

If you would like to check rates or make an enquiry for dates further in the future, then please contact us.

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