There are certainly some challenges to scuba-diving off the Norfolk coast, such as restricted launching sites, variable visability, and relatively short slack water.  However the flip-side is that there are plenty of wrecks which are relatively undived.

There are a couple of hundred wrecks within 20 miles of the coast including submarines of First and Second World War vintage, planes, and ships.  Many of the wrecks are the victims of the two world wars (with E-boats and mines being the main culprits), but there are also many victims of weather or accidents from all ages.

If you are an experienced BSAC diver, then contact North Norfolk Divers for advice as to the latest diving conditions, slack times, and whether there is any availability for guest divers on the club’s RIB.

Alternatives are Desert Moon (charter) who can be contacted on 01604 407611 or James Holt on 01328 821192.