Our response to Covid-19

It has been, and continues to be a challenging time for all of us. Thankfully neither we or any of the cleaning team have been directly impacted, but of course it changes the way we do things.
Our cleaning company were on the ball, and invested in anti-viral foggers back in March 2020 which means that the cottage gets a good fogging on every changeover. Even so, we’d rather put safety ahead of profit, and so decided to keep a buffer week between bookings. The best advice we’ve found tells us that the virus can survive for up to 3 days on some surfaces (stainless steel being one), but much less on more absorbent surfaces. This means that our buffer week allows the cleaner to visit on Tuesday, 3 days after guests have left, and four days before the next guests arrive.

We’re also being as fair as we can with refunds and cancellations for bookings made since the start of the pandemic, as we appreciate that you can’t get insurance that will cover Covid related cancellations any more. If we are locked-down and can’t accept guests, then you will get a refund.