Windows Upgrade

Nothing to do with computers (thankfully!), but at the end of the month we’re going double-glazed.

We always seek feedback from our guests (a simple questionaire left in the cottage), and while the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, one issue which cropped up a few times was the windows.  The window locks were fiddly to open, and over the years some of the openers have been painted closed.

We didn’t want to spoil the look of the cottage, so did a lot of research into finding replacements which would retain the ‘cottage’ look, and yet avoid the issue of frames swelling in damp weather (and getting fiddly to open/close again).  Luckily we’ve found a great local comany that will make us lovely double-glazed windows which retain the current appearance.

So if you stay from February onwards, you will have an even cosier cottage than ever!