Wild about North Norfolk

There are many formal wildlife attractions in and around North Norfolk, from the bird reserves such as Pensthorpe and Cley, to the seal trips from Morston and Blakeney, but you are also likely to encounter plenty of variety just while getting around the countryside.

If you keep your eyes peeled around the fields and woodland early in the morning or evening, you will most likely spot red deer, muntjak, or Chinese water deer.  Along country lanes and fields keep an eye out for hares – which whilst once once quite rare, are now becoming much more abundant.

Other recent ‘spots’ include a barn owl – resting in a tree during a daylight hunting foray, and a sparrow hawk, making a breif but acrobatically spectacular visit to the garden of the cottage.

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  1. John L.

    Norfolk is really a great place to visit. Besides its a complete place (i.e. nice hotel, restaurants, museums, galleries, etc.), there are nice beaches, gardens, wildlife and natural resources that is located on the north side. For instance, the Blakeney Point, it offers a boat ride to see and encounter a colony of seals and at the same time, you may do bird watching. The place is so ideal for nature lovers. It has a rich historical background that is very interesting. You will indeed have a remarkable experience with the area.

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