Voewood – one of North Norfolk’s best kept secrets

As a child, I used to live in High Kelling, and go to school in Holt.  Every day I would be driven, or cycle, past the entrance to Voewood House, never knowing what was at the end of the drive.

Similarly, if you holiday in the area today, you are unlikely to pick up a leaflet, or see a poster in the Tourist Information office promoting the house.  However, by planning ahead, and booking on a tour, you can look round this magnificent but homely house.

The house was built at the start of the 20th Century at the height of the Arts & Crafts movement, and was built as a ‘butterfly house’ – with a central body and angled wings – to be bright and sunny at all times of the day.  The original budget was £12,000, but an uncompromising attention to detail meant that the final cost was around five times this amount!

As well as the pre-booked tours, the house can also be seen during the annual Summer Garden Party (23rd & 24th June this year) or the Voewood Festival (24th to 27th August) – tickets essential.  This year’s festival has an impressive line-up, including Billy Bragg and Antony Gormley.

For details of the house see Voewood House

For details of this year’s festival see Voewood Festival