Playing Soldiers!

It’s a cliche, I know, but these days there is so much to do in North Norfolk that there really is something for everyone.

By way of example, the Muckleburgh Collection just outside Weybourne is a perennial favourite of boys of all ages, and last weekend saw one of the collection’s Big Days with its Military Weekend.  The weekend saw scores of additional volunteers re-enacting scenes from both World Wars, as well as the usual tank demonstrations and exhibits.

The Muckleburgh Collection

The Muckleburgh Collection

The collection does, of course, have wider appeal than a collection of “boys’ toys”.  There has been a military camp on the site since the 16th century, when the main threat of invasion came from Spain, but the deep water just off shore has always made the site a candidate for invasion from the sea.  The collection charts the history of the site through the ages, as well as the social history of those who worked at the camp during the wars.

The main collection consists of 25 tanks, about a dozen armoured cars, and literally scores of guns, support vehicles, and staff cars, and not a ‘do not touch’ sign in sight!  The site has seen a major re-vamp this year, including a larger cafeteria, and a new viewing area.

If your holiday in the cottage coincides with somebody’s special occasion, you could even treat them to a tank driving experience.  Perfect for the man (or woman) who has everything!